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Bernadette S India

Farmers Den - Again and again and yet again

Sometimes the daily routine of office, home and homework can become very boring and dull and an outing can work wonders in bringing our spirits back to life. So the Family Cell from Victoria Parish at Mahim had decided to go on a picnic. Whilst deciding on where to go, we considered various options. Two years earlier, the same group had gone to the Farmer’s Den at Badlapur and we thought that we should try out something else this time. After weighing the pros and cons, cost, food and much discussion, we could think of nothing better than Farmer’s Den again. Badlapur is easy to reach by train from where the owner of the resort arranged for us to be picked up. Our picnic started on the train during the one hour’s journey from Mahim to Badlapur. As soon as we reached the resort, a hearty breakfast of egg burji, missal and coffee was ready for us. It was delicious. After breakfast, we took a walk down by the river side. We chose a place where the water was only two or three feet deep and we all held hands and crossed over. What fun it was! The whole sky and hills formed the skyline and the best part was that we had the whole place to ourselves with the exception of sea gulls in the distance and tiny fish in the water swimming quickly around our feet.
There was much more awaiting us at the resort so we got out of the river and walked back to the resort and jumped straight into the amazing swimming pool at the resort. The pool is not too deep – enough to satisfy swimmers and safe for non-swimmers. The most interesting part of the pool was that it was covered and we were protected from the sun. Before we realized that our breakfast was digested, the snacks were brought out. The aroma of chicken lollypops, crab lollypops, Chicken Manchurian, Veg cutlets and potato fingers was enough to bring us out of the pool without being asked to. We enjoyed the snacks which were superb and perfect. The ladies tried guessing the recipes but soon the sprinklers with the faux rain started and everyone danced to the music.
The lunch gong sounded and we got into dry clothes and immediately realized that we were once again hungry and ready to eat. There were a variety of dishes including a vegetable, mutton, pork, chicken and salad along with rotis and rice. I cannot forget to mention the jalebis after lunch. We experienced great hospitality and awesome food. We were told that we could take a nap since all of us have exerted much more than we were accustomed to and some looked tired and ready for forty winks, but surprisingly, nobody hit the bed. We played two rounds of housie and then noticed that there were plenty of entertainment props for kids. Though we were all overgrown kids (some 70 plus), we experimented the slides, swings, merry-go-round and even climbed the wall sat on top of it and took pictures. All too soon it was tea time and then we got ready to leave and make our journey back home.
This resort has the facility for overnight stay. There is no doubt about the venue for our next picnic. It is Farmer’s Den again and again and yet again.

Samidha S India

Great Place. Great Food. Great Natural Ambience. Good Staff

We went there for a family picnic "All Ladies" on 20July2018 and had a very nice experience The place has a big clean swimming pool with clean non chlorinated water from their bore well which is an added advantage. Rain dance with music was a welcome surprise We were spoilt for food with 4 veg starters and a rich veg main course. They also serve nonveg Mr Arun Alvares is a very hospitable and nice person and strives to make clients comfortable. A river adjacent to the property adds to the ambience and attraction. Inspite of being a secluded spot and in the midst of all the greenery it is not very far from Badlapur station. Overall it is a great affordable and memorable picnic spot for happy moments with your friends and family.

Pete Bridges Pennsylvania

Excellent Vacation Resort!

Mr. Alvares will go above and beyond to make sure your stay at the Farmers Den is enjoyable. The food preparation is superb! He offers many excellent dishes. I would highly recommend the chili wings. The staff is very friendly, and everything was handled in a timely manner. The Farmer's Den offers many relaxing options including hammocks, swings, and a large pool! Perhaps my favorite thing from our getaway was the scenery, as the view is outstanding! The beautiful view of the Ulhas river makes for a great morning, followed by a fantastic breakfast. I would highly recommend family or friend vacations to the Farmer's Den. This peaceful vacation resort will leave you feeling refreshed.

Lexi D’souza North Carolina

Excellent trip!!

Very peaceful, beautiful getaway. Service was extremely friendly and respectful. Rooms were clean and were able to fit everyone comfortably. There are hammocks and swings that are very nice to enjoy after swimming in the pool. Kids area with swings and other leisure equipment to keep the children occupied. Mr Arun Alvares made sure everything went smoothly for our visit and was very accommodating to any needs we had. Food was some of the best I have ever had!! Definitely recommend for anything from a fun, family weekend to a nice couples getaway. Will definitely be coming back for multiple visits. Two thumbs up!!

Kiran S India

Good Location

This was the first time I visited the place and we visited for a day picnic in December 2016. This is at a good location, besides a river, surrounded by greenery and it brings you so close to nature. The farmhouse is around 20 to 30 minutes from Badlapur but with the help of Mr. Arun, it was not easy to reach there with the help of google map only. We enjoyed it a lot. The pool and the rooms were clean. The staff was courteous. The food was homely, the starters and food were tasty. The property itself is huge with access to a swimming pool (not more than 5 feet deep ), garden area fully equipped with multiple hammocks, tire swings, log table, benches, and an area to play badminton or volleyball. It is great value for money.

Jason Almeida India

Excellent Services and Value for Money

Located between greenery and on the side of a river, Farmer's Den is a good option for outings. Services are very good and proactive. Mr. Alvares, owner himself, took care of guest comfort by regularly taking feedback during our two night stay here. The quantity and quality of starters was very good and the food menu was varied and the same menu was not repeated on the next day as far as dinner was concerned. In short, excellent and proactive service staff and value for money.

Sudhir. J India

Good Location

It was a great experience. We were 5 old school pals. All senior citizens. We wanted a place to relax. It was the ultimate experience. Surrounding nature. Cool Ulhas river flowing next to the Resort where we could go down and feel one with nature. Food was excellent. That is the specialty of this resort. So many starters with varieties of veg & non-veg were served. There were natural swings made of logs of wood . Pool to swim. Rain dance for music lovers & dancers. Carrom Board for indoor sports. The owner gave his personal attention to the guests.

Sreyesh. A India

Good Location

“For the price, the facilities offered were way more than what we bargained for! The overall setup, furnishing, rooms, the environment surrounding the place, the ambience and the food - very satisfied, bravo to each and everyone responsible for maintaining the place. Speakers are available for use. The pool (with the shade), the fauna cultivated around the place were excellent and the well maintained isolation from any form of urban constraint are the specifics that make this place stand out.